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Chris’ presentations have engaged, informed and inspired audiences around the world. His television series, documentary films and best-selling books have been critically acclaimed for their unique approach to ‘edutainment’ in celebrating the extraordinary natural world around us.
Chris draws on his experiences as a worldwide explorer, natural historian and educator to share the qualities that help businesses to thrive and leaders to be more effective.
By mixing memorable stories with ‘take home’ examples from business and academia, Chris breaks down leadership and creativity into behavioural and environmental actions. Through his engaging and accessible style, Chris connects the essentials of success to inspire your group to achieve their potential.


Wildly Creative

Cultures of success thrive through innovation and leadership. This presentation, itself a showpiece of creativity, ties riveting stories ranging from pop culture, mountain parrots to polar explorers to reveal key elements of leadership and innovation.


The Science of Story

Inspiring people to care about the unknown is not easy. Chris Fisher understands that the challenge of winning audiences over requires a sophisticated approach. With the captivating narrative of this presentation, Chris will show you how to effectively engage an audience to previously unfamiliar ground.


Working with Wildlife

Environmental regulatory compliance imposes limits on project development. Understanding and strategizing on the complexities of federal and provincial legistlations and best-practices serves to streamline project planning and eliminate costly overuns.